Anchor Students

We long to invest into the lives of students to grow them into life-long followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Ministry

We invite all Junior High (6th-8th grade) and High School (9th-12th) students to come participate in our weekly gatherings on Sunday evenings from 6 - 8 PM. 


Our Schedule

6:00-6:15- Registration and hang out
6:15-6:30- Game time
6:30-6:45- Worship
6:45-7:10- Teaching time
7:15-7:45- Small Group Time 


Our Mission

We are a ministry of students striving to worship Christ, walk with Christ and work for Christ, and stirring up others to do the same.

Worship-Engaging students with God by experiencing and responding to His greatness and graciousness in a variety of ways.
Walk-Engaging students with God's people & Word
Work-Engaging students with God's world both inside and outside the walls of Anchor





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