Plan My Visit

Welcome to Anchor Church. Visiting a church for the first time can feel intimidating, but we want you to feel right at home.  Follow the steps below to make your first visit to Anchor Palos a smooth and positive experience.  

What’s the parking situation?

Our parking attendants will be ready to help you find a spot.  Once inside, visit one of the Connection Tables; we have one in the gym and one at the main entrance. Our Connection Team will help you find the Worship Center, the restrooms and the kids' area.  They can also provide information about getting plugged in at Anchor Church.  Since you are our honored guest, be sure to receive your gift bag!   

Where do I check in my kids?

If you arrive through the North entrance you will see our Kids check-in area in the gym. Your first check-in will take a few additional minutes as we gather your information, give you a tour and get your kids settled in.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early on your first visit.  For more information about Anchor Kids, click here


I will abide by the Anchor Church Regathering Plan and Community Health Covenant located here.

What does the church service look like? 

We believe the Bible is the living word of God, so bring your Bible, a pen, and prepare to hear an encouraging message.  Don't have a Bible?  Don't worry, we have one you can borrow.  Our greeters will provide you with a bulletin on the way in, and our ushers will help you to find the best seat available.   

During announcements you will see a black “connection book” come down your row. Please sign your name and fill out the information so we have a record of your visit.  We would also like to send you information about the church.  Be sure to fill out a prayer request, as we would like to pray specifically for your request this week.  

Trying to find a church home?

We encourage you to attend at least 4 times to get a feel for what Anchor Church is like.  Be sure to come to Step One; it’s a party with the pastors!   You will get to know us, meet other newcomers, play games, ask questions, and best of all, win prizes.  We will provide refreshments and child care.   We are looking forward to meeting you this Sunday!