Adult Ministries

Due to COVID-19, all on-site events have been canceled until further notice.  Some groups will be meeting via video chat.  Contact your Small group leader for more information. 

Discipleship Connection

We can connect as the body of Christ by working on the same spiritual disciplines together. Take time this week to read scripture, pray, and reach out with the love of Christ. 


This Week's Goal: Pray and speak the scriptures

Scripture Memory: Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Show Christ's Love
What gifts has God blessed you with? Who can you share those gifts with this week? Who needs a text, a phone call, or a card from you this week? Write down a list of people you can encourage, and follow through as a response to the goodness of God.

Scripture & Prayer Plan

Tuesday 6/2
My Soul Waits for God Alone (Psalm 62)

Today’s prayer focus is on verses 5-8 of Psalm 62. Let them fill your heart and mind as you pray throughout the day.

Wednesday 6/3
How Awesome Are Your Deeds (Psalm 66).

Focus your prayer today on Psalm 66:8-12. This would be a great day to lament the trials and challenges you are facing. Cry out these words to God in prayer.

Thursday 6/4
God Shall Scatter His Enemies (Psalm 68)

Pray today for God to bring His power to bear over our nation during this time of tumult. Psalm 68:28-31 give voice to your prayer today. Cry out to God and ask Him to move in power.

Friday 6/5  
Forsake Me Not When My Strength Is Spent (Psalm 71)

Pray out Psalm 71:17-21 today as you remember that even though you have experienced so much trouble, you have also seen God’s mighty hand at work to strengthen you. Look to God in your weakness. Seek Him today in prayer.

Saturday 6/6
The Supremacy of God’s Son (Hebrews 1:1-12)
Today, read through all the verses of Hebrews 1:1-12, focusing specifically on verses 10-12. Let your prayers remember how much has changed during COVID-19, and how unchanging God has been during this time.

Sunday 6/7
The Throne In Heaven (Revelation 4)

Today as you read through Revelation 4, join the prayer of heaven, and imagine praying it together in your future because of the great work of Christ. Pray out verses 8-11, speaking them out loud with a loud voice. What an amazing prayer to the living God!

Monday 6/8
A Great Multitude from Every Nation (Revelation 7:9-17)

Pray out these verses today as a way to grieve how divided our country is right now. And pray them in hope of the glorious work of Christ to bring people from every nation, tribe, and tongue to his glorious kingdom.

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More Ways to Connect:

  • Tuesday - 12pm Join Pastor Ryan & Lauren for Encouragement for Parents on Facebook Live.
  • Wednesday - 12pm Tune in to Prayer & Praise with Pastor Mark on Facebook Live!
  • Thursday - 12pm Watch Pastor Ryan's Weekly Webcast Live on Facebook.
  • Friday - Join us for our Good Friday service at 7pm.

The purpose of Anchor Church Adult Ministries is not to gather a quantity of disciples, but to intentionally develop a quality of discipleship in those our Lord sends to us. Maturing disciples should: Worship Christ, Walk with Christ, and Work for Christ as they progress in the lifelong pursuit of genuine biblical discipleship.