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Good morning parents & kids!

This weekend are learning about Jesus as a child. Watch the lesson videos to find out more! The live teaching, Bible story & worship videos can be found on the Resource pages. Don't miss them! Use the Journal Pages for 2nd-5th grade, and PreK and K-1st Activity Pages to enhance the lesson.  

How to engage with the lesson material:
1. Watch Miss Lauren's Update Video below.

Visit the age-appropriate Resource page to...
2. Worship with Miss Heidi
3. Watch Live Teaching Videos
4. Watch this week's Gospel Project Bible story Video & Key Passage Song Video. 
5. Use the Journal & Activity pages to enhance and review the lesson.


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Anchor Kids Weekly Schedule 


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We have carefully chosen our curriculum, The Gospel Project for Kids, because we believe what we teach our kids is vital to their spiritual growth.  The Gospel Project is a chronological Bible study that takes kids from Genesis through Revelation over the course of 3 years.  Every lesson points to Christ and the story of redemption, helping kids understand God’s love and His plan to save His people from the start.  

Classroom Breakdown
  • 0-2 years (Nursery)—Babies are provided a safe and loving environment with trained volunteers.  
  • 2-3 years—Toddlers are cared for by trained volunteers, introduced to basic Bible lessons and concepts, and given lots of creative play time.  
  • 4-5 years—Preschoolers are taught Bible lessons and concepts from trained volunteers, and are introduced to basic Bible memorization and truths about God and His word.  They do lots of fun crafts and games that reinforce these lessons and concepts.  
  • K-1st grade—Through worship, Bible lessons, and fun activities, these young children begin to build an understanding of God’s love for them, and His desire to be in a relationship with them.  The trained volunteers in this classroom know how to engage the kids with creative activities, while challenging them with truths about God and His word.
  • 2nd-5th grade—This oldest group of kids spends time each Sunday worshiping Jesus and hearing challenging lessons from Scripture.  The lessons are gospel-focused, and the kids are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Through crafts, games and activities, the kids learn theological truths and how to memorize God’s word.

Safety Policies and Procedures:

The safety of our kids is of utmost importance to us.  Kids are checked into our system, and unique ID tags are provided to parents.  Children are well-supervised, and we only release kids to parents/guardians with proper ID tags.  Each volunteer has completed a background check, submitted an application and met with the Kids Ministry Director for an interview.  Our volunteers are regularly reminded of our safety procedures.  A full Policy Manual can be made available upon request.

If you are interested in serving with Anchor Kids contact Lauren Hall.

 Click here to fill out the Anchor Kids Volunteer Application