First Steps

Are you ready to learn more about Anchor Church?  As you consider whether Anchor Church will become your church home, we recommend you take the following steps:

1.Register for this informal, 10-minute gathering and get to know more about Anchor Palos.  You will meet Pastor Ryan Hall and have a chance to ask questions after each service. Meet Pastor Ryan on the front lawn, look for the Step 1 sign.  Register here.

If you have kids you may leave them in their classroom and our team will care for them while you attend.

2.  Attend"Step 2."  This 2-week class will lead you through the process of membership at Anchor Church.  You will learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  You will also learn more about who Anchor Church is and where you can get connected and serve. 

3. Attend "Step 3."  A member at Anchor Church is a person who Worships Christ faithfully, Walks with Christ in a small group, and Works for Christ on a ministry team.  Step 3 is a membership interview where you will sit down and talk with one of our church leaders about taking your commitment to our local church deeper by making it public. 

Download Step 3 Booklet

We trust the Lord will lead you and give you clear direction as you prayerfully consider making Anchor Church your church home. 

Step 3 membership application